Our Services


The check-up appointment normally involves a thorough inspection of the teeth and oral tissues, two bitewing x-rays to check for decay between the teeth (which can often not be seen just by looking in the mouth), a scale and clean and fluoride treatment.  The check-up is completed by one of our dentists and we have two dental hygienists who specialize in thorough cleaning of the teeth.  A fluoride treatment helps to strengthen the teeth and prevent decay in both adults and children.  


We aim to make your child feel at ease and create positive dental experiences from an early age.  We recommend bringing you child for their first visit at the time of eruption of the first tooth.  Often at this stage it is more for familiarization with the dental environment but also means that dental disease is detected and treated early, before it can progress to a painful condition that requires invasive treatment.  For young children who do need more extensive treatment a General Anaesthetic can be arranged with a Paediatric Surgeon In Perth.


Root canal treatment is a way of saving the tooth when the nerve has died or become infected and painful.  The treatment usually involves 2-3 appointments but pain is relieved by the first visit.  


Custom fitting mouthguards can be made for those patients who play contact sports, these generally fit better and provide superior protection to the ‘boil and bite’ version available in chemists.  Various colours are available. 

Occlusal splints can be made to protect the teeth and alleviate pain for patients diagnosed with bruxism (clenching or grinding the teeth).  


Dentures are a lower cost way of replacing missing teeth and can be made either out of plastic or with a metal/chrome framework.  Dentures usually require 4-5 visits which are spaced apart as each stage usually needs to be sent to a dental laboratory in Perth.  Unlike many other clinics we only use local laboratories rather than outsourcing work to overseas because we know that quality materials will be used and we can trust their workmanship.  


Dental implants are a long-lasting way of replacing missing teeth.  This is done by placing a titanium screw into the jawbone, which acts as an artificial tooth root.  A porcelain crown can then be attached to the top, making it look like a tooth.  Implants are a permanent fixture which does not require any shaping of the adjacent teeth as with a bridge.  Often multiple appointments are needed as it takes time for the bone to bond to the implant screw. At Maritana dental both the surgical placement of the implant screw and attachment of the porcelain crown can be performed.  


Sometimes badly broken down or infected teeth cannot be saved and in this case an extraction is needed.  Every effort will be made to ensure a painless experience.  


Severely decayed or heavily filled teeth can often be saved with crowns (otherwise known as caps).  There are several types of crowns available and they can be closely matched to resemble the appearance of a natural tooth.  In many instances this will require two visits with the crown being sent to Perth laboratories to be made.  We also have a CEREC machine which uses computer assisted milling technology to create tooth coloured fillings and crowns which can be cemented on the same day that the tooth is shaped. 
A bridge is a way of replacing a missing tooth and is fixed into the mouth (not removable).
It involves shaping the adjacent teeth for crowns, which hold the artificial tooth in place.  Unlike many other clinics we only use local laboratories rather than outsourcing work to overseas because we know that quality materials will be used and we can trust their workmanship.